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Cuties can be sold inside game for ETH, TRON and EOS.

ETH ERC-20 tokens

In addition to ETH cuties can be optionaly sold for some ERC-20 tokens.

Price in tokens
Token selection

ERC-20 Token Standards

  • Plain ERC-20: need two transactions: Approve and BidWithToken. ABYSS and BNB are examples of such tokens.
    • Token.Approve: allows SaleMarket to withdraw buyers tokens. Button Allow. Usually it is enough to call Approve once per all bids because buyer approves SaleMarket to big amount of tokens.
    • SaleMarket.BidWithToken: buy cutie with tokens.
  • ApproveAndCall: need only 1 transaction, that combines both operations Approve and BidWithToken. CUTE coin is example of such token.

ERC-20 Token price source

  • PriceOracle: price in tokens is calculated from current price in ETH and token/eth rate, that is manually set from current exchange rate from stocks when rate is changed. (CUTE coin)
  • KyberNetwork: current exchange rate is calculated in inside TokenRegistry (SaleMarket plugin) smart-contratcs in runtime using KyberNetwrok decentralized ERC-20 exchagne. (BNB token)

Sell variants


Allow all tokens: seller will get tokens to their address.


Disallow tokens: buyer can buy cuties only for tokens, that is supported by KyberNetwork. In that case tokens will be automatically converted to ETH and seller will get ETH.

Transaction Example

Token/ETH transfers inside transaction
Here are example, when cutie was bought by KNC token, that is automatically converted to ETH:

SaleMarket fee

Fee is 4%. For example, if cutie is sold for 1 ETH, seller will get 0.96 ETH and SaleMarket will get 0.04 ETH.

Gen0 Creator cuties

New Gen0 cuties periodically are spawned to SaleMarket. By default thay can be purchased using all currencies: ETH, TRON, EOS ans ERC-20 tokens.

Unique Gen0 cuties are located in Special Sale.

Gen0 population

New cutie types are published in count of 10 to market. First published cutie is Noble.

When total population on market is less than 4, next cutie will be generated in 15 minutes.

Next cuties will be generated using formula for auction duration and generation interval (how long game will wait to generate next cutie).

Auction duration formula is 5 + n * 2, where n is next cutie number after 4, excluding unique and tribute cuties.

Generation interval formula is (n + 1) * n * n * 30 minutes.

count n Interval Duration, days
1 15 min 7
2 15 min 7
3 15 min 7
4 15 min 7
5 1 1 hour 9
6 2 6 hours 11
7 3 18 hours 13
8 4 1.7 days 15
9 5 3 days 17
10 6 5 days 19
11 7 8 days 21
12 8 12 days 23
13 9 17 days 25
14 10 23 days 27

Gen0 pricing

Cutie is sold with 2 prices: start and end price. Current price is interpolated from start to end in duration. Cutie can be bought also after duration is finished with end price without any time limits. Sp duration is only about decreasing price.

Start and end price for Creator cuties are calculated by formula.

Start price formula is average price for last 5 sold cuties from Creator + 50% for cutie channel. Start and end prices can't be less than default values from table.

Regular Noble Tribute
Min start price, ETH 0.3 0.8 0.8
Fixed end price, ETH 0.1 0.2 0.2
Min start price, TRX 2500 6600 6600
Fixed end price, TRX 800 1600 1600

Cutie channel is Cutie kind (race). All Noble and fancy cuties are in one common channel, separated from cutie kinds.

It means, that if some race will be very popular and cuties will be sold for start price, start price for that cuties will be higher than for other kinds. Anyway, if there will be no buyers, price will be lowered to minimal price after some time.