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In this page you'll learn more about managing your cutie army using grouping, cutie selections and performing activities with multiple cuties at the same time.

Cutie Grouping

Cutie groups is a UX feature, which aims to improve management options of player cutie collection and aids to greatly reduce amount of time spent for a player on repetitive actions. Basic concept for a groups is to work and be displayed as single level "folder" system without any restrictions on amount of such groups created for each player. Each group can be freely named, deleted, merged in any other group and can contain unlimited amount of cuties. Cutie can be assigned to a group from cutie page, using selection tools or Quickslots in cutie list.

Group Appearance


My groups

In case if you don't have any groups, first thing you'll notice is a page "My groups" under "My cuties" category. In there you'll be able to create new groups, view all of your existing groups, edit, merge and delete them.

In case group gets deleted, all cuties assigned to it will become ungrouped.

Groups can only be seen by owner of the group. They are displayed in:

  • "My cuties" page;
  • "Ready for adventures" page;
  • Select cutie for item use popup;
  • Select cutie for breeding;

Groups are not used in Marketplace, My cuties market, player public profile page and any other cutie pages.

My cuties


If you have created groups and assigned some of your cuties in them, "My cuties" page will now show you groups with cutie count visible at the first page and then a list of all of your non-grouped cuties. New checkbox has been added in cutie list filters to toggle groups on/off. If groups are toggled "off", you'll see all of your cuties in a list.

Filtering cuties also updates count of cuties displayed on a group icon, so you can easily see how many such cuties you have in each group. Overall count of cuties in a page is separated in 2 numbers - one showing total amount of cuties and second - cuties displayed in current list.

Group view


Entering a group will reveal all of your cuties, which are assigned to that group as well as give you some basic statistics about the cutie content. If you enter in group from "My cuties" page, it will display total amount of cuties in group, how many of grouped cuties are ready for adventure, how many are in sell/sire auctions as well, how many of them has auctions ended , cutie level diapason (lowest - highest) as well as 2 activity icons, which allow you to perform an activity with all of the cuties in this group at the same time.

Entering a group from "Ready for adventures" page will have auction related statistics hidden from group header.

Cutie page


In cutie page assigned group is displayed in a row next to cuties cooldowns. If cutie is not in a group, it's shown as "none". Clicking on group name will open up group selection popup as well as options to create new groups or edit existing one. Assigning cutie to a group in which it's currently in will remove cutie from that group and it will become non-grouped.

Group actions


When entering a group page, in right side of a group header are 2 icons - one for using an item on whole group, second - sending whole group to an adventures. Any activity performed on group will separately check each cutie to make sure that cutie is available for such activity.

All activities for groups are asynchronous and game won't wait for server to perform the tasks. If task was successfully passed to server, small notification will appear. Usually it is a matter of milliseconds for activities to be performed, so, as soon as group is opened again (refreshing the group can be also done by clicking group icon in group header), up to date information should already be visible.

Using items on group


When clicking "use item" icon in group header, popup with available items will appear. For now it's limited to offchain consumable items (adventure potions, energy drinks as well as any other items with similar effects).

Clicking an item will then try to apply this item kind to all cuties in selected group or as long as such items are left in inventory. Each cutie is separately checked to see if it's needed to use such item on it.

Sending group to adventures


When clicking "Send to adventure" icon, a popup appears with available adventure options. First 2 items are available Adventure modes, follwed by a list of available adventres.

On each shown adventure a count of cuties that can go there is displayed. Cuties, which are in auctions or who has active adventure cooldowns are counted out. If there are adventures, where none of the group cuties can go to, they're not shown.

Clicking on Adventure modes or any available adventure will instantly try to send all available cuties from group. Cuties, which can't go to selected adventure won't get affected.

Cutie selections


Cutie selection allows you to select multiple cuties from a cutie list page to perform an activity with all selected cuties at once without the need to open each cutie page separately.

Selections are available in "My cuties" and "Ready for adventure" pages as well as inside any of cutie groups. Selection tools can be enabled by checking any cuties checkbox in cutie list (on desktop version check boxes appear when mouse is hovered over cutie card in a list). As long as any cutie is selected, additional panel with options will appear on top of the screen.

In selection options panel count of selected cuties are displayed together with a checkbox to select/deselect all cuties on a page. Selected cuties aren't saved when navigating between cutie pages, so any actions can be performed only with selected cuties in same page.

Selection adventures and items

Sending selected cuties on adventures or using items works exactly the same way as for cutie groups. When sending to adventure, amount of available cuties from selected ones will be displayed for each adventure. Items, the same way as for groups, will be applied to cuties on whom such item can be used on and also is limited to only offchain consumable items.

Selection grouping

Selected cuties can be either added or removed from group all at once. This also works in inside of a group to quickly either remove multiple cuties from a group or add them to another group.