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Overall Battle Mechanics

Starting from version 1.10 Blockchain Cuties battle system got reworked as the previous system was quite limited in terms of modifying and developing it further.

System rework was done in order to allow the developers to improve the battle system in the future and get it ready for many new features to come. Several decisions were made that changed the overall logic of battles.

Old battle system

Old battle system was purely random and very simple. In order to understand it, we have to look at cutie characteristics that could influence the battles outcome.

Every cutie has power bonus, dice roll bonus and other bonuses (like drop chance bonus and exp bonus, but these do not really influence the battle result).

Only way how to boost these bonuses was wearing items that could be acquired through adventures. Also the logic of "power" and "dice roll bonus" didn't really differ much, except that "dice roll bonus" was applied to 20 side dice (D20) and was clamped at "20" .

This means that even if you had rolled "19" and you had a dice roll bonus of "7" the end result would be still "20". On the other hand, power bonus wasn't clamped at all and it could exceed this number.

There are several adventures where player can send his cutie (adventures differ by locations, drop and required level to participate).

After sending a cutie into the battle, it got matched either with a bot or another player. Battles were resolved by throwing 20 side dice (D20) + adding the power bonus. Cutie with the highest overall score - won (check screenshot down below).


The winner of 2 rounds got a reward - experience and a possible loot drop. The loser got only half of the exp, but no drop.

This battle system did not allow us to improve upon it, that's why we remade it and so the "new battle system appeared".