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Here you will find information on any addons or extras that can be used in Blockchain Cuties. These are features usually created by community members dedicated to helping players in the game.

Dark Cuties Mod

Dark Cuties Mod (DCM) is available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera. Free features include: Dark theme, Gas Price Tracker, Adventure Recommendation, Auto Tools, Genome Mapper, Currency Changer, Friends List, Custom Backgrounds and Wallpapers.

Free from Chrome Web Store


Always nice knowing which adventures your Cuties are strongest DCM Pic1.png

Genome Mapper

Breeding can be complex! This helps! DCM Pic2.png

Raid Boss

Know before you go DCM Pic3.png

Gas Price Tracker

How much gas is safe to use?

DCM Pic6.png

Premium Subscription will get you Mass Sending, Mass Drinking, Custom Icon, and upcoming Mass Dressing. VeRychard is always improving and updating this mod.

Premium Site

Mass Sending

Save yourself some clicks and send all your Cuties with one click. DCM Pic5.png

Mass Drinking

Drink a bunch of elixirs with one click DCM Pic4.png

Telegram Trading and Selling Group

Looking for those great deals, advertise to sell your own Cuties, or trade with others.

Unofficial BC Trading & Selling Group

Cuties Fight Club

Matchmaking, adventuring, raid bosses, or talking armor and builds. You will find everything you need to send your Cuties into the wilds!

Telegram Group
Discord Group Discord server has stats for each levels of adventure as well as pictures of rewards. Individual channels for matchmaking, each adventure, raids, builds discussion, armor talk, and more!


An online source to buy and sell Cuties. There are some great filter options as well as bundle sales.

OpenSea - Blockchain Cuties