Raid Boss Battles

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Here you will find all the info you need to start planning your fights against the raid bosses!

Battle mechanics

Battles with bosses happen similarly to the regular adventure battles in terms of mechanics. There are attack and defense phases.

Instead of "location attack" there’s “Raid Boss Location attack".

Victory conditions are the same as in adventure battles — as soon as a player gets 2 round wins he has won the battle (classic best-of-three).

If the raid boss gets two wins — the player is defeated.

Specification and requirements

Only cuties have to be level 5 and up, and have to be gen0 to gen2 to participate in raid boss battles .

Raid boss is always 4-6 power stronger than the Cutie sent to adventure. It copies the pets overall average power and adds 4-6 points to it depending on the current active raid boss.

Every day players have 5 attacks available for free.

Every next 5 attacks cost additional energy up until 20 overall attacks. Meaning that every day player can purchase extra energy to attack up to 3 times more than the default setting.

Player has to use different Cuties for every attack. One Cutie can’t go to raid event several times the same day. Every new day the counter resets and the Cutie can be sent to fight the Raid Boss again.

The Raid energy only fills up to 100 points, if a player has 100 or over that amount of energy, it will not fill up additional energy at that value until energy is dropped below 100 points.

Special attacks

Instead of critical hits bosses can do special attacks when dice is rolled 18 / 19 / 20 (depending on the boss rule set).

Location attacks

Raid boss location attacks are similar to regular “location attacks” — the only difference is that pet “checks” if it has successfully evaded the initial raid boss attack (random special attack). This attack is checked once per battle and it checks Cutie’s dice roll or its particular element strength. If the player has failed the dice roll, then a certain debuff is applied (one of the boss special attacks is triggered).

Weakened cuties are not immune to these “location” attacks. It’s a fair game against any cutie.


Every day Raid bosses have weaknesses against particular elements or pet-kinds. These bonuses trigger only if player has sent a proper pet to battle.

Pet-Kind by default gives immunity to some of the bosses special attacks;

Pet-Kind by default gives +2 to power against the particular boss;

Element weakness, adds up to power according to its “stat”. It has to be positive for it to work, if user uses a pet which has -2 to fire it means that this bonus doesn’t work for this battle.

Example: Raid boss has weakness against cats — this means that by default cats receive +2 to overall power when fighting this raid boss and are immune to some of its special attacks.

Raid boss has a weakness against fire element — this means that pets use their fire element as bonus when they attack & defend.


Raid bosses have strengths against particular elements or pet-kinds.

Example: Raid Boss has strength against cats — this means that cats can’t participate in the current Raid Boss event.

Raid boss is strong against fire element — this means that its location attacks are going to be connected with “fire” element.

Reward system

The overall Win/Loss Ratio plays a major Role in the system. If players win more than half of the fights (51% of the fights won) across the whole game population, the prize pool for that day increases, however if the players fail to meet the criteria — the prize pool becomes smaller.

The prizes are ERC-20 CUTE tokens and are allocated according to the player’s overall win count.

Cutie rewards

Every cutie that participates in the raid boss battle receives experience for Win or Loss.

If cutie is level 10, then it receives paw coins for a win against raid boss.

There is a chance that raid boss will drop a rare item, if a cutie wins the battle.

What information player sees about the raid

Raid timer (when the raid is going to end);

Raid current win ratio (all raid sessions combined);

Raid current wins/losses ratio for all players;