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It’s been a year since the game launch of Blockchain Cuties. There has been a lot of work put into the game and there’s more things to come.

Our team has a lot of cool ideas coming to our players to explore!

Patch Notes

Patch Notes 1.69+ - Matchmaking Adjustments
Patch Notes 1.69 - 1.69 Patch Notes & all patches since 1.64v
Patch Notes 1.59-1.64 - Update 1.64
Patch Notes 1.58 - Christmas Event Part II is here!
Patch Notes 1.56 - Hedgehogs, TRON presale, contribution points and much more!
Patch Notes 1.54 - Christmas is almost here!
Patch Notes 1.53 - EOS update
Patch Notes 1.52 - small fixes across the board
Patch Notes 1.51 - Spirit world and other changes
Patch Notes 1.50 - EOS Launch
Patch Notes 1.41 - Halloween is here! Trick or treat!
Patch Notes 1.40.2 - Hotfixes
Patch Notes 1.40 - Raid bosses are here!
Patch Notes 1.34 - KICK coin introduced, new adventures, new items!
Patch Notes 1.33 - attributes are the future, elements, battle reports and much much more!
Patch Notes 1.32 - paw coin farming, promo codes, UI improvements and much more!
Patch Notes 1.31 - new activities added, item history and much more!
Patch Notes 1.30 - in-game paw shop, bitguild cooperation, mighty Ethor and more!
Patch Notes 1.23 - Item market rework and other fixes
Patch Notes 1.22 - Matchmaking rework, daily lottery and other fixes
Patch Notes 1.21 - Achievements incoming! ready, steady, GO!
Patch Notes 1.20 - Secret project is out! Our very own wallet is here!
Patch Notes 1.12 - New battle system has arrived, brace yourself!
Patch Notes 1.11 - Football championship mini-game is here!
Patch Notes 1.10 - Konichiwa! Tutorial Rework & breeding price changes
Patch notes 1.09 - Little things make big things happen...
Patch notes 1.08 - Big things are coming
Patch notes 1.07 - Referral system improvements
Patch notes 1.06 - Chinese localisation
Patch notes 1.05 - Adventure statistics are here
Patch notes 1.04 - Item market filter is here
Patch notes 1.03 - Balance and other hot-fixes
Patch notes 1.02 - Foxes are coming to play!
Patch notes 1.01 - First patch is here!

You can find all of our patch notes on this page: Patch Notes