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Inventory page is located under "My cuties" category and it holds information about all of the usable Items a player has in possession. Inventory is represented as grid of an items with item names and available item count on each of the entry. Items, which are in auction, are not shown in inventory and they're not counted in amount shown.

Item filters

To faster find some specific item filtering by type and kind is available. More recent addition is checkbox to toggle showing equipped items in a list as well. When toggled on, completely all items, including ones already being worn on cuties will be displayed in a list and will be possible to apply any other filters as well. To quickly jump to a specific item page to view information about an item, there is a possibility to search by item name using searchbar. Searching an item from searchbar will also open items page even if such item is not present in inventory.

Items worn on cuties

Also - recent addition - viewing an item page, under description a list of cuties are displayed containing all of players cuties, which has such item equipped the the moment.